Here we give the 7 most recent Residential Design Inspirations by Jakarta Architecture Services Jakarta 2020:

1. Modern Style 560 m2 Home Design in Pangandaran, West Java

This beachfront house has an area of ​​561.3 m² building consisting of 2 building masses where 1 building mass is 2 floors which is the main building and 1 building mass is 1 floor as a service area.

This client wants to have a pool of competition standards in his house. In addition, clients also want to maximize the back of the land where the land is located alongside the beach, so as to produce a rear-oriented room design that maximizes excess view in the back area.

Modern Style in this building tries to be displayed from a simple building shape by minimizing the profile in its facade, the selection of finishing materials here also shows more wood, natural stone, and exposed concrete.

2. House Design 3 Floors 178m2 Modern Tropical Woman's style Diah in Jakarta

Here is one of our designs belonging to Ms. Diah, a 3-story residential house with a width of 8 m and 128m2.

The Ibu Diah project has its own challenges in the design process. Which he has a lot of space needs that must be fulfilled with 4 bedrooms and several supporting facilities, in a relatively limited area of ​​land. But we also keep maximizing the openings in each room so we get optimal lighting and air circulation.

This 3-storey house has a modern tropical concept, the use of material uses a lot of wood, natural stone and glass to display the impression of a tropical blend with the appearance of lines on the facade to display a modern impression. As for the interior, applying the concept of modern minimalism by combining natural colors such as white, beige, brown and others.

3. Design House 1 Floor 290m2 Modern Bali Mr. Ian in Jakarta

Here is one of our modern Balinese designs, Mr. Ian's house in Jakarta. As a renovation project, the client wants to show something new in his residence, namely by changing the look of his old house into a Modern Bali.

So we get the impression of a resort / villa in a house with a combination of natural stone, wood and glass. Accompanied by a large garden, so that adds to the impression of relaxing in the residential. House Design 2 Floors 182m2 Modern Balinese Style Pak Fairuz in East Jakarta

4. House Design 2 Floors 182m2 Modern Balinese Style Pak Fairuz in East Jakarta

Pak Fairuz's home design emphasizes the modern Balinese concept in the design of his residential appearance. The combination of wood, natural stone and warm lighting makes the house as memorable as the design of a villa in Bali. With a land width of 7m, clients still want a large space and not a lot of insulation.

In addition to the combination of materials in the building, we also maintain the park at the front and back of the house to add a beautiful impression on the building. Natural openings in each room will certainly remain our focus in designing, so as to create a healthy and relieved room.

5. Design a 3,5-storey residential floor 431,3 m2 Modern Style Tropical Mother Ningrum in South Jakarta

Here is one of our clients' designs, Ms. Ningrum in South Jakarta, a 3,5-storey house with a building area of ​​431,3 m2. This design is planned to stand on land measuring 10 meters x 18 meters.

This 3,5-storey house features a modern tropical style, with a blend of wood material on the sills and ornaments on the walls, natural stones, and maximum openings in each room.
Do not forget also the space for the garden on each floor to maintain the beautiful impression of the house.

The concept the client wants is a spacious house and has optimal openings for lighting and good air circulation.

6. Design Villa 2 Floor 231,7 m2 Tropical Modern Style Mr Sutrisno in Bogor

Here is one of our designs owned by Mr. Sutrisno, which is a Villa in Gunung Geulis, Bogor with a building area of ​​231,7 m2. This villa applies a modern tropical concept, in which many designs use natural stone ornaments and wide openings to maximize light and fresh air.

Utilizing the transition site by maintaining the maximum contour with the cut & fill system, so as to produce space with split levels in the building.

7. Mini Apartment 4 Floor Design 1.652m2 in South Jakarta

Here is one of our designs owned by Mrs. Regina in South Jakarta, Mini Apartment 4 floors, with a total of 30 rooms and a building area of ​​1.652 m2.

This Mini Apartment features a contemporary style with simple decorative lines on its facade and the use of natural and unfinished building materials such as wood, concrete roster and others so that there is harmony between colors, materials and shapes.

This Mini Apartment has optimal openings for lighting and good air circulation so there are many openings in this building.