Today, many people want a two-story house, with lots of space and don't need to take up much land.

Here we provide 8 design inspiration for 2-storey house choices from Jakarta Architect Services:

1. House Design 2 storeys 304m2 Modern Bali Pak Johan in Pekanbaru

The concept of Pak Johan's house departs from the wishes of the client who wants to renovate his house by extending the condition of the existing house to the plot of land next to it that is still empty.

Although the function of the building has increased due to the expansion, the client still wants to maintain the existing condition as much as possible.

In addition, clients also want the appearance of a modern Balinese house with a blend of natural stone, wood and glass. This house consists of 4 bedrooms.

2. Design House 2 Floor 400m2 Owned by Mr. Rudi in North Jakarta

One of our designs belongs to Mr. Rudy in North Jakarta with a building area of ​​400m2 on 558 m2 of land. Mr Rudy wants a contemporary Australian-style house concept in his facade.

The house design on the ground with a width of 22.5m has 4 bedrooms with master bedroom on the ground floor.

3. Design a 2-storey residential house 400m2 in modern Balinese style in Papua

Mr Ongen's residence in Papua has a building area of ​​400m2 on 900m2 of land. Mr. Ongen wants the concept of a modern Balinese style house with the use of natural materials such as natural stone and wood carvings on his facade.

For this design it has been adapted to the needs of his room which is 6 bedrooms, open living and dining room, swimming pool measuring 4 x 7 m, garage with a capacity of 4 cars, and outdoor relaxing area measuring 5 x 10 meters.

This is one dream house design style 2-storey villa for those of you who want a comfortable layout but on a large area.

4. House design 2 floors 548m2 owned by Ibu Mila in Ternate

The 2-storey house is owned by Ibu Mila in Ternate, with a building area of ​​548m2 on a land with a front width of 20 meters.

This 2-storey residence features a contemporary modern feel to the facade's appearance which is displayed from the forms and selection of finishing materials such as wood as wall ornaments or secondary screens and exposed material in the form of brick hable and exposed cement in the building's facade.

This is one dream house design style 2-storey villa for those of you who want a comfortable layout on a 500m2 land.

5. Design 2-storey house owned by Bapak Ganda in Tangerang, Banten

Bapak Ganda wants the concept of a contemporary tropical style house with the use of natural materials such as natural stone and wood in the facade.

The tropical concept is supported by the use of a large enough opening dimension to maximize natural lighting and directly borders the park.

This house consists of 2 floors and has different access to the service area and private area. The ground floor layout is a service area and the second floor is a private area.

6. Renovation of House Design on 2 floors 598m2 Modern Tropical Style Mr Iwan in South Tangerang

Mr. Iwan wants the concept of 2 houses he has to have a facade display with a modern tropical style but luxurious and different from its surroundings, this house has 1 floors with different floor levels.

With an area of ​​400 m² this house has a basement as a car garage and 7 bedrooms.

7. House Renovation 2 Floor Design Ibu Kirana in South Jakarta

In principle, Kirana's mother wants the renovation and addition of buildings on an area of ​​1500m2, and the addition of facilities such as swimming pools, parks and garages.

The design of this house is Balinese tropical style with a touch of the use of natural materials such as natural stone and wood in the facade.

The design of this house also accommodates Kirana's mother's request which is 8 bedrooms, a garage for 3 cars + 2 carports.

8. Residential Design 2 Floors 239 m2 Modern Bali Bu Ratna in East Jakarta

Mrs. Ratna wants a house with a modern Balinese feel and seems airy. Mrs. Ratna as a client also wants separate access between service access and homeowner access so that the privacy of the homeowner is maintained and the home spatial organization is well optimized.

The concept of Modern Bali is emphasized by the number of openings and the existence of a garden behind and beside the house. The use of stone materials and facades with carvings on the walls of Bu Ratna's House reinforces the modern Balinese concept in accordance with Bu Ratna's request.

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