Having a comfortable home is everyone's dream. Some people feel comfortable with the house they live in right now. But for some people who need increased space, he felt the need to renovate the house that was built.

What should you consider?

Consideration for part of the renovation of a house is usually based on the assumption that the cost of renovation will be more economical compared to building everything from scratch. But is that true? The reality is just the opposite, house renovation is not that easy, it requires high accuracy to synergize old buildings and new buildings to fit the original purpose. This costs a lot of money

If you are searching renovation design services in jakarta, here are the things to consider:

Determine the need for space to be added to the house

The reasons for choosing to do renovations vary, it could be due to increased space requirements, some parts of the house damaged giving discomfort, or just want to change the atmosphere.

Doing renovation as a form of home maintenance does need to be done, but if doing it repeatedly, of course, is a waste. Therefore, if your space needs are indeed increasing and require a lot of renovation, a total renovation should be done to save on maintenance costs going forward.

Determine the budget

Often homeowners feel renovation was chosen because of the cost factor that is considered more cheap. Though it is not necessarily 100% correct. a significant renovation can cost a lot of money, even close to the cost of a new build. Why is that? This is related to several technical matters which will be explained in the next points.

Openness is needed for architects related to the budget expected by you as a client. Then it can be determined the type of design and changes that adjust to the budget. Of course, with due regard to the aesthetics and technical factors in buildings.

Pay attention to the condition of the building structure

The age of the existing building is generally designed to last for a period of 20 - 50 years. Maybe it could be more, if at the time of construction it was designed with excessive structural strength and budget.

Often the condition of the building structure to be renovated is not feasible to be maintained. So that disassembly can occur, or the addition of strength with several methods. This increase in strength and demolition causes the budget / cost in renovations to soar far from what was originally planned. Which if this addition is not done, of course, will have an impact on the durability of the building in the future.

Check the feasibility of electrical, water and other installations (MEP) in homes

The next thing to note for renovating is to pay attention to the MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) installation conditions in your home. Moreover, for a house that has long been empty / not occupied. Of course you as the owner do not want to experience events such as short-circuit and leaky pipes. Then the installation conditions must be checked first before deciding to do a renovation.

In general the installation works as a whole. So when only one part is damaged, then all of it must be replaced. Therefore, installation in the house becomes important in the consideration of renovations, considering this greatly affects your budget / renovation costs.

note the material's feasibility

In addition to structural conditions and MEP, architectural conditions, or other material conditions in the house, must also be considered. Like the condition of the sills, ceiling, roof coverings, walls, floors and sanitary ware of your home. Often found problems facing termites. One material that is often affected is wood sills and wooden roof trusses. So that if it is maintained, of course it will only add to the problem, so it is necessary to replace the material with a more strong and durable.

Maintaining materials that can still be used is one way to reduce the renovation budget. But of course this will be closely related to your home renovation needs. Consultation with an architect or renovation service is needed to get the best consultation for renovating your home.

Choose designs and functions that last long / timeless

Regarding long-term budgeting and maintenance, it must pay attention to the design and materials that will be applied to the building, so that it does not require routine maintenance.

There are many types of materials on the market, ranging from general materials that come from nature such as wood and natural stone, to synthetic materials that combine cement, plastic and other chemicals such as polymers & resins. It should be noted that the combination of design with your needs as an owner. In order to get a timeless design and last a long time. So that maintenance and renovation costs can be minimized.

why do we suggest a total renovation

Partial renovation can cause imbalances both in terms of the function or material of the old building and new building, therefore it is advisable to do a total renovation for the comfort and safety of your home. In addition, total renovation can also reduce future maintenance costs if you choose a design and function that lasts / timeless

But if you really can't do a total renovation because the old building is still good and doesn't want an overhaul, the solution is to do a partial renovation by uniforming a new interior design for your entire room. This is done so that there is no imbalance in the room design of new buildings and old buildings.

The following are examples of renovation designs that have been completed by: Studio JAJ:

Renovation of 2-storey Tropical Balinese Style House

A house with a tropical Bali concept owned by Kirana's mother in South Jakarta. This is a residential renovation project of 2 buildings in one land with a building area of ​​500,2 m² and 731,8 m².

Our client, Ms. Kirana wants renovations and additions to buildings on an area of ​​1500 m2, and the addition of facilities such as swimming pools, parks and garages.

Renovation of the 2-storey Tropical Modern Style House

A house with a tropical Bali concept owned by Kirana's mother in South Jakarta. This is a residential renovation project of 2 buildings in one land with a building area of ​​500,2 m² and 731,8 m².

Our client, Mr. Iwan wants the concept of 2 houses he has to have a facade display in a modern tropical style but luxurious and different from the surroundings.

Renovation of American Classic Style House in Jakarta

A house with an American Style concept with an area of ​​549 m2 located in Jakarta.

Our client Ms. Neta wants her home design to apply the style of American Style. He also wants his house to accommodate 5 bedrooms for family members and 2 bedrooms for ART.

House Renovation 1 Floor Modern Balinese Style

A renovation design of Mr. Ade's house consisting of 1 floor in Jakarta with a building area of ​​200m2 in Balinese Modern style

The client wants a villa atmosphere house with a modern Balinese facade, so we use natural materials on the facade and ornament of Balinese carvings on the walls and even the fence supports the impression of Balinese in the house. The house consists of 1,5 floors, divided into ground floors for public and private areas, while half the floors on the 1st floor serve as service areas.

home renovations can be cheaper

As explained above, the renovation process is not simple. There are many things to consider

Treatment to renovate each house must be different and special. That's why you should use Professional Architect Services to do it. Choosing architect services to handle the design of your home renovation not only saves construction costs, but also makes the security, security and aesthetics of your home secure.

StudioJAJ experienced doing some home renovations in full and home renovation + interior design. If you are interested in doing renovations and want to consult in advance can contact Whatsapp us on +62 812-8461-6788 (Diva).

Before making contact with Studio JAJ To do your Home Renovation Consultation, here are the things that need to be prepared: Building area of ​​house, gamber old building (optional), lproject location & address, Budget renovation, and Overview of renovations.

For the procedure as follows:

1. You provide the data mentioned above, after that our team will provide an estimated cost of renovation & design.

2. If the estimated cost has been agreed, then there will be a survey fee of 2 million for our team to visit and take measurements.

3. After the survey and complete data, we will prepare the total cost of the design and work contract.

In addition we recommend renovation designs + interior details, besides making your home design more harmonious from the exterior and interior, it costs less than taking the design separately.

Renovation + interior design packages in addition to making the design of your house more uniform, the cost is cheaper than just taking the unit design.

Studio JAJ always maintain the client's trust as Home Renovation Architect Services the best and trustful.