When contacting Arsitek Services, a building budget is one that determines how your home will be designed later. The design can be easily adjusted when you already have a certain budget.

For example, if you have a 2-3 billion development budget, the first thing we will communicate is about your space needs. The need for this space will then be adjusted to the area of ​​the building. For a house with a budget of 3 billion We would recommend a house with a building area of ​​no more than 410 m2. The average construction cost is 6 million rupiah per meter, so the cost for building is only 2.5 billion, that does not include the cost of building fences, carpots and landscapes.

For those of you who want a pool or swimming pool at home with a budget of 2-3M, it can be adjusted to the available land area. For pools with standard material quality, the price is 5 million / m2.

Determinants of housing construction budget BELOW 3 billion

Building area

For Houses with a Budget of 2-3 billion, the maximum building has 2 floors with a maximum width of 410m2. This calculation assumes the construction price per meter is 6 million rupiah


Land area needs to be considered because it will affect the cost of carpot construction, perimeter walls and landscape. The greater the area, the greater the costs for walls and landscapes. For buildings with a budget under 1 billion, the maximum area is 500m2. In some projects where construction costs are between 2-3 billion, the cost to construct a fence, outer wall, carpot and landscape is around 20% of the cost of the core building.

Building Style

The choice of style or concept of Banguan will affect the budget. For example, if you choose the concept of Tropical Bali, installation of Balinese ornaments such as carved stone in the facade which is a custom material needs to be taken into account. In Studio JAJ, the selection of building concepts will be adjusted to the optimum budget.

Building Materials

The choice of building material is one of the determinants of budgeting. If your focus is on the need for a lot of space with a building area between 290m2 - 410 m2 then you can choose building materials with standard specs. But if you want high quality building materials, you can reduce the area of ​​the building.

House Design 2 Floor Building Size 374 M² Balinese Style Modern Mr Dirga in Jakarta

One of our clients, Mr. Aldi contacted us to consult about the design of the house he wanted. Mr. Aldi wants to build his new house and combine it with the old house he already has.

Quite a lot of space needs with 4 bedrooms and some additional facilities. for this reason, after consulting and designing the concept, we decided to design this house to be 3 floors with a building area of ​​295m2.

To maintain the connectivity of the existing houses with the houses that we are going to design, we made a bridge connecting the swimming pool area on the second floor. tropical fusion with the appearance of lines on the facade to display a modern impression. As for the interior, applying the concept of modern minimalism by combining natural colors such as white, beige, brown and others.

The selection of building concepts is also adjusted to the wishes and budget of the client. If the client wants a concept that is felt to be able to minimize the budget, we will suggest a modern minimalist concept because it does not use a lot of custom materials. But still, if the client wants a house with luxurious concepts and materials we can adjust.

For the standard price per square meter of buildings in the Jakarta area is around 6 million. But because this house consists of 3 floors with pretty good material, the construction budget of this house along with fences and landscapes costs around 2.6M

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In the field, there are often cases where development costs have swelled and missed the budget. If you consult with the services of professional architects such as Studio JAJ, there are additional services in the form of making RAB (Budget Plan) in detail. The RAB will assist you in further estimating your budget while at the same time becoming a benchmark for you and the contractor in the selection and expenditure of materials.

Detailed RAB in the form of a list of materials needed along with prices that can be your reference in carrying out financial supervision of the building that will be done. We work closely with contractors in the field, to get the latest price estimates so that the detailed data we provide reliable or reliable.

You can get detailed RAB making as an additional service when taking the complete Architectural Package. The calculation of the cost of making this detailed RAB depends on the size of the building area at a price Rp. 35.000 / m2.