Are you domiciled in Kalimantan, or are you considering building a building there?

Memilih appropriate architectural services for buildings both residential and commercial is not easy.

You sometimes hesitate to entrust your home design for fear of the end result does not match the preferences. Not to mention concerns about whether the design is appropriate and can be built on soil structures in Kalimantan?

We really understand your concern, and we try to answer that question which might be the solution for you:

Choose an Architect who understands soil structure and has the right handling

Land is the most important and crucial factor for a house. This is why it takes an architect who is not only concerned with the aesthetics of the building, but also considers safety.

Different handling is needed in each type of soil which will later be fitted with a foundation before the house is built. This should be taken into consideration when designing a design.

We at Studio JAJ quite understand the character of the land in Kalimantan. For example, the character of land in the city of Banjarmasin is mostly swampy land. We choose and determine treatment which is appropriate for secure foundation installation so that designs can be built without obstacles.

Can adjust to the culture and culture of cities in Kalimantan

Everyone's preferences are indeed different and unique where they are our design philosophy.

We at Studio JAJ can adjust your taste with the environment and culture around you, which some of our clients who come from Kalimantan like style Classical Europe and America.

The designs that we design always follow trend, tastes, and do not forget we adjust to local culture and culture.

We are also able to give a new nuance to the design of your home, for example by incorporating a modern style or tropical Bali if it is considered capable of adding aesthetics and does not reduce the harmony of the building.

Have experience working on several projects in Kalimantan

Even though you have a good and experienced portfolio, it would be ideal if the architect you choose has experience handling several projects in Kalimantan.

Studio JAJ himself has handled a number of high-rise house architecture projects, which you can see as follows:

1. Design a Mediterranean-style house owned by Ms. Wenny in Tanjung Selor, North Kalimantan

The home design process is done entirely online. Our team's communication with Mrs. Wenny as a client is done via WA and video calls. To our team, Ms. Wenny discussed her desire to build a magnificent house in the Mediterranean style with a facade that looks classic and luxurious.

When discussing the needs of space, Mrs. Wenny wanted in her house there were mini theater facilities, a gym area, a pool area. To see the designs belonging to Ms. Wenny, click the link: A Mediterranean-style house in Tanjung Selor, North Kalimantan

2. 1st Floor Tropical Modern Balinese Style House in Batulicin, Kalimantan

The design belongs to our client, Mr. Agus who is domiciled in South Kalimantan. Great distances make communication for the residential design process more online, and our team made a one-time site visit website.

Mr. Agus wants a house design with a Modern Tropical Balinese style, where he likes the atmosphere of a fish pond and fountain in the yard. Mr. Agus also wants the position of the building to be in the middle of the land so that the building is surrounded by an open park.

Read more at 1-storey Tropical Modern Balinese Style House in Batulicin, Kalimantan

3. House 3 Floor Style Classic Mediterranean owned by Mrs. Reza in Banjarmasin


The design belongs to Ms. Reza in Banjarmasin. Previously, Ibu Reza had hired several architects but did not get the desired results. This design process also initially gave a challenge to our team in designing a facade that could fulfill his wishes. The entire communication process we do via online because of the considerable distance.

This 3-storey house features a combination of classical Mediterranean style with Arabian style on the outside display by displaying pillars, ornaments, profile profiles and selection of white and beige colors on all the outer screens to display a magnificent impression. The interior of the building itself is more focused on the classic modern style with the selection of bright colors like gold or beige. Check complete at link: 3 storey luxury house in Banjarmasin

Consider the architect who has a national scale reputation

If you really want the best quality for your design, consider architects who already have a reputation on a national scale and have representative offices in big cities.

Studio JAJ itself has official offices in 2 cities, namely in Jakarta and Di Bali, so we are experienced in handling various projects from various cities in Indonesia and abroad.

Our team always maximizes design quality by maintaining communication and listening to client requests. In fact, not infrequently we accept clients who are not satisfied with the work of other architects and entrust their designs to us.

here are some of our experiences that may be useful for those of you who are looking for architectural services in Kalimantan

kampi villa design

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Design consultations will be conducted online (e-mail, telephone, WhatsApp) for all of Indonesia and direct consultation for Jakarta and surrounding areas. Please understand now does not provide development services (architectural & home design services only).

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