SA Publisher & Cafe





Principal Architect

IGN Andri Saputra, S.T



Design Team

Gamaliel Sangga Buana, S.T



Land Size 

650 m2



Building Size Area

787 m2

This commercial building embraces a tropical architectural style, with subtle hints of Middle Eastern influences incorporated into its facade. The design seamlessly merges modern elements to align with the surrounding context and the client’s budgetary considerations.

While embracing tropical vibes, the office building harmoniously integrates with its location in a tropical area, featuring generous openings and ventilation in each room. The spatial organization meticulously considers the flow of primary activities, services, and support areas to prevent any interference or disruption to the main office functions.

Considering its commercial nature, cost-effective and low-maintenance materials have been thoughtfully selected. Natural stone finishes, aluminum sills, and alternative materials like WPC are employed, striking a balance between durability, affordability, and sustainability.