Teras Ayung House





Principal Architect

IGN Andri Saputra, S.T



Design Team

Gamaliel Sangga Buana, S.T



Land Size 

6 Are



Building Size Area

601 m2

Our customer desires a dream home for his family and single mother. He desires a comfortable home in which two families can dwell while maintaining privacy. This house was created in the Teras Ayung housing complex, which has various requirements, including the fact that the house cannot have a front fence and must have Balinese subtleties. 

We developed the floor plan of this house based on the client’s request, with the right side of the ground floor allocated for the mother and the left side reserved for Mr. Yudi’s family. Each of these sections has its own kitchen and living room. In accordance with Teras Ayung housing laws, we constructed this house in a Balinese Tropical style with no front fence.