The Oasis

The Oasis


Principal Architect

IGN Andri Saputra, S.T

Design Team

Gamaliel Sangga Buana, S.T

Fransiskus Willy Amino, S.Ars

Land Size 


Building Size Area


The client’s vision extends beyond a mere house; they seek a home that harmonizes productivity with daily living. Adopting a tropical modern design aesthetic, this architectural endeavor harmonizes wood, natural stone, and marble. Expansive openings serve as the defining characteristic, complemented by bold accent fences, distinct roof formations, and imaginative wall finishes. Nestled amidst an industrial city, adjacent to a bustling cross-provincial road, the location presents challenges of noise and air pollution. To mitigate these issues, the architect team ingeniously integrated a garden as a sound barrier, positioned both in front and alongside the structure. Beyond the realm of luxury, the presence of ponds and swimming pools bestows a refreshing aura while serving as natural cooling and purifying elements, infusing the edifice with a cool and tranquil ambiance.