Umah Tropic



Principal Architect

IGN Andri Saputra, S.T

Design Team

Gamaliel Sangga Buana, S.T

Land Size 

– m2



Building Size Area

– m2

To accommodate the owner’s requirements, we provide plenty of open space, and the use of folding and sliding doors with a frame height of 3 meters may support the view from each room while also making the area appear spacious.

This house’s front is a fusion of modern and industrial Balinese influences. The use of matte black aluminum sills contributes to an industrial impression, while the use of stone wall materials on the facade and a few carved embellishments on the walls maintains the impression of our characteristic modern Balinese architecture. The house has two levels, with the ground floor serving as a service and public space and the first floor serving as a private room.